Why Fuel Sorted

Fuel sorted can be used in any sector of the economy

Improved Control

Improved Control

  • All receiving and dispensing units are identified using NFC
  • Fuel dispensing employees and identified using biometric identification.
  • Fuel types are matched between receiving and dispensing units.
Improved Security

Improved Security

  • Fuel dispensing is authorized with security clearance levels and biometric identification.
  • Each transaction recorded with latitude and longitude information
  • System will not start without the proper identification of the fuel dispensing employee storage unit and receiving unit
Improved Fuel Management

Improved Fuel Management

  • All transactions are recorded instantaneously on a cloud server.
  • All transactions can be viewed and reports can be drawn

Our Services

Fuel sorted offers the following set of unique services that
sets apart from our competitors.

Biometric Authentication

Biometric Authentication

This ensures that only authorized employees can activate the system improving security and data integrity.

Web interface

Draw reports and filter on any of your fuel transactions all.
Android and IOS Apps

Android and IOS Apps

Allow your fleet drivers and fuel operators to capture their transactions using mobile phones, improving data collection and accuracy.

Integrated Circuit

Controls the pump matches fuel types and monitors the flow rate

What You Get


Transactions are authenticated using a biometric scanner

Ease of Use

The system is easily retrofitted onto an existing fuel system, the interface is easily understood


Fuel types are matched

Competitive price

The system is well priced beating any of our competitors in quantity quality

Pease of mind

All transactions are safely stored in the cloud